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Is it easy to get to?2018-09-18T11:32:10+00:00

Oceans Thailand is a three drive from Bangkok along Southwest Coastline. When you arrive in Bangkok you will not have to go to another airport, wait in transit, get another plane, go on a boat to anywhere. A driver will meet you at a pre-arranged time and place and you will be taken to Oceans.

Why go to Oceans Thailand?2018-03-13T08:24:29+00:00

We have qualified staff, who have worked in Private Hospitals, Private and Public Residential Addiction Treatment Facilities in Australia as therapists and counsellors. We pride ourselves on only using evidence-based practice.

What are your professional associations?2018-07-04T20:02:41+00:00

The Australian Counsellors Association, The Australian And New Zealand Mental Health Association and The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Along with numerous other recognised Peaks Bodies within Australia. We are not connected to any online, non-accredited groups.

Can I smoke cigarettes?2018-03-13T05:08:56+00:00

Residents are highly discouraged from smoking, but there are specific areas where smoking is permitted.

Why are you so strict on the phones and laptops?2018-10-03T02:49:52+00:00

These electronic devisers can be a severe distraction to residents, a possible trigger for relapse and possible breach privacy for other residents. Our duty of care is for the protection of residents, ensuring confidentiality, privacy, and safety at all times. Residents doing the extended programs will require these items to generate and consolidate their Post Treatment Plans.

Do you provide aftercare?2018-03-13T05:47:43+00:00

All residents will receive full aftercare support inclusive of the total price of treatment. Including sober housing or supported accommodation. Also referrals to day programs, support groups, and health professionals.

Can you accommodate residents with disabilities?2018-03-13T05:49:38+00:00

Our qualified and trained staff  have worked in the disabilities field in Australia for many years. Residents presenting with disabilities will be warmly welcomed and treated with dignity, respect and fully supported in everyway possible.

What breaches may result in the exclusion of a resident from Oceans?2018-03-22T05:40:41+00:00

A resident may be asked to leave for the following reasons:

Leaving the premises without approval from staff members
Leaving the group during off site activities without the approval of staff
Non-participation in the program without pre-approval from staff
Any Undisclosed criminal history or mental illness
Violent/abusive/inappropriate sexual behaviour towards other residents or staff
Bringing onto the facility excluded items and most specifically any drugs or alcohol
Using any drugs or alcohol including excluded tobacco products
Failing a drug or BAL test
Refusal to take a drug or BAL test
Theft and/or the breaking of law

How many residents in total can be in the program?2018-09-18T11:34:17+00:00

Between 7 to 8. This so we can always focus on the quality of the treatment being provided.

What is your age range?2018-03-13T05:11:14+00:00

Our residents are aged 18 + years. Residents come from Australia and around the worldwide.

Will I have a roommate?2018-03-13T05:12:25+00:00

No, you will have a  private villa, small kitchenette, bath, shower, bathroom, sofa, desk, private balcony, Cable TV.

How much does it cost?2018-03-17T19:24:27+00:00

Costs will vary depending on client’s specific needs. A medical detox at a private hospital in Thailand will be an added cost, along with booking flights if that is required. However, the cost of our program is comparatively very low compared to other treatment facilities in Thailand, Australia and around the world. Your assessment coordinator will assist you with this process. The price of the entire program is fully inclusive with no hidden extras or fees: Treatment Costs.

Can I leave the facility and come back if needed?2018-03-13T07:26:53+00:00

Safety of all residents is our number one priority at all times. Evereyday residents will be involved in various off-site activites. Residents enrolled in the extended treatment program will have the opportunity for day leave towards the end of their treatment period. Otherwise, staff members will accompany residents during all off-site activities.

Can my family or firends visit?2018-03-13T05:41:32+00:00

We encourage family and close friends to visit every week if possible. Visiting hours are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sundays. We can also set up an online video conference call during these hours. All visitors must be from the client contact list set up during the initial assessment. We can also arrange for family members to stay close by during the entire treatment or for at least the last week to be part of your transition out of the program.

What makes Oceans Thailand different from other treatment programs?2018-03-13T05:43:43+00:00

We are not a medical facility although we work very closely with doctors and psychologists. We offer evidence-based treatment incorporating the latest research in the field of addiction treatment in our program. We provide a confidential, calm, empathetic environment so each resident can feel comfortable enough that they can open up and focus on their recovery.

Can I take my phone and laptop?2018-03-13T05:44:22+00:00

Residents entering the extended program are encouraged to bring these items and will have access to them during their last month of treatment at specified times. Residents participating in the shorter programs will have supervised access to phones, computers, and tablets provided by staff.


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