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Early Intervention Experts

Specialists In Addiction Treatment

Client-centered evidence-based best practice delivered in a professional, compassionate and respectful way.


Personalized Streamlined Care

Oceans REHAB encourages a fast assessment process, whilst ensuring continuity of care and delivering state of the art treatment in beautiful facilities and peaceful surroundings


Residents have their own self-contained villa – Situated on a beautiful secluded 2-acre property, 1-minute walk to the beach – Only 7 Residents at any one time – Private, tranquil environment only using evidence-based professional treatment – With no hidden fees or extras



Oceans Thailand is not just another rehab. We want this to be the only rehabilitation you will ever have attended.

We want you to get well in a safe, professional, beautiful and caring environment

Then we evoke the power within you to begin a long, sustainable and healthy life for when you leave. This includes robust exit strategies, building upon and linking together all possible Recovery Capital and post-treatment support networks and health professionals. Residents will learn to practice forgiveness of self and others and to be free of addiction and begin to appreciate all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Change is the Beginning

Oceans will help you to make the changes in your life necessary to overcome addiction and get back on track to where you would like to be. You will be able to relax in our private surroundings, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and start to formulate your clear pathway on the journey of recovery.

Oceans Thailand offers a holistic approach to alcohol, substances and behavioural addictions

  • Treatment program includes
  • Individual/Group Therapy
  • Evidence-Based Programs
  • Mindfulness Relapse Prevention
  • Meditation, Massage, Yoga
  • Diet, Nutrition, Exercise

  • Recreational, Activities/Beach Walks
  • Journaling, Coursework, C.B.T

I spent 30 days at Oceans Thailand.

The compassion, education and ability for myself to receive the best care and attention to my addiction was first class. Have the tools and confidence to continue my journey. Thanks to Justin and his Team at Oceans Thailand.

Penny ( WA )

This is much more than just your typical treatment program. I am forever grateful for the help and support they provided for me.

Michael, Melbourne

They understand cultural competency and were very generous in the amount of time they spent providing individual support. I like the fact they only have a small amount of clients.

Tan Singapore

I completed a 30-day program at Oceans. The level of care, understanding and professionalism was amazing. The tools I have learned in the program have help me in all aspects of my life, Thank-you guys.

Lisa, Sydney

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