Our Story

After seven years in the making Oceans Thailand was founded in 2018 by qualified, experienced addiction professionals. Oceans recognised a severe flaw in the addiction treatment services, namely a lack of scientifically based treatment methods, trained staff and service providers who focused solely on the more significant number of people it can provide treatment for and not the quality of the service being provided.

At Oceans Thailand we are a team of dedicated individuals who excel at delivering the latest and best evidence-based addiction treatment for our clients. We are driven to provide quality treatment for a tiny select group of clients wishing to achieve their recovery goals. Our premium fully integrated treatment service offers clients a uniquely diverse approach to addiction treatment in one of the most beautiful and peaceful settings in the world.

Thailand's PeopleThailand's People

What We Do

No matter what your current addictions needs are Oceans has already proven in a brief period that our model of treatment is useful and validated.

Our collective experience in the addiction treatment field has given us a unique perspective on what works best. Our mission is to pass on our first-hand knowledge to clients through innovative solutions that work. We aim to be more than just another rehab. We hope to be the solutions partner required no matter what addiction issues you might be facing.

We understand the complexities and precarious nature of choosing an appropriate treatment provider that is why we focus on delivering precision solutions that get you closer to your recovery goals. As a treatment provider, we aim to be transparen’t and committed to providing the best possible treatment program available, and our proven track record speaks for itself.

We guarantee our clients will receive the latest and best evidence-based addiction treatment solutions and services to support their recovery goals.

Why Choose Oceans?

As possibly the smallest treatment provider in Asia and Australia we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client-centred and driven programs. We do this by having small numbers, highly qualified and skilled staff members and the correct balance between physical and psychological treatments. Our location, facility and accommodations are impeccable, and nothing has been left to chance. Unlike other facilities that have shared rooms, use public swimming pools and facilities everything at Oceans is onsite. Our excursions and external activities are relaxing, breathtaking and inspirational. If you are looking for the most inclusive and effective addiction treatment program, there is no comparison to what Oceans has to offer.

Explore which program best suits your individual needs and contact us today or complete our online assessment form.

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