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About Oceans Thailand

When the question of mental health arises, one cannot settle for anything less than the best.

To provide the best quality health services commitment, dedication, and professionalism through mutual team effort is essential.

In addition to these qualities care and concern are the foundation stones at our platform “Oceans” which is committed to serving the residents from anywhere for the purpose of rehabilitation from different health problems through therapeutic techniques brought up from around the globe.

We are located in a secured facility in the wild near the beaches to provide the best services in the best environment. Residents at their personal villas have facilities of personal kitchenettes, sofas, television, hot bath, luxury bathrooms, and balcony.

Either a morning walk or a therapeutic session all of our activities are conducted in open environment surrounded by natural beauty. Guided physical activities, balanced diet, and the best therapeutic sessions end up in easing the recovery of our residents. Privacy of residents is ensured. The program is challenging at times so we offer 24- hour support with nursing and medical management. Social support speeds up the recovery process so we involve family and loved ones of the residents in the recovery program.

Our Team

Nothing can be achieved without a combined effort of our dedicated team comprising of qualified and experienced professionals. We have a team of compassionate health professionals who aid our residents in their recovery program through empathy and trust. Oceans employ the services from a vast array of different professionals from various domains of health. Our consolidated multipath approach helps residents identify specific challenges they might be facing and offer tailored solutions.

There is a regular check up from highly experienced General Practitioner on our residents in addition to local support network comprising of:

  • nurses

  • personal trainers

  • chefs

  • massage therapists

  • instructors/coaches

  • drivers, housekeepers, maintenance support crew

First Contact Team Members:

Justin Lucas B.A M/H.AOD, Dip, Cert M.A.C.A, Therapist/Counselling/Assessments
Justin Lucas B.A M/H.AOD, Dip, Cert M.A.C.A, Therapist/Counselling/AssessmentsClinical Director
Justin has worked extensively as a certified addiction therapist, group facilitator, program developer, case manager, lecturer and support worker in chemical dependence, process/behavioral addictions and dual diagnosis treatment services in both the public and the private sector. Including adult and youth detoxes, long-term residential rehabs, private rehabs, private hospitals, day programs, outpatient programs and has been involved in the development of numerous evidence-based applications in the treatment of drug/alcohol dependence. He has also been heavily involved in volunteer programs, mutual aid groups, and support groups. Justin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Dual Diagnosis Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs, a Diploma in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs, a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment and has taught Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs in University and TAFES in Melbourne Australia. Justin has also been clean and sober in recovery for over 15 years which places him in a unique position to directly empathize with residents while offering research-driven, evidence-based best practice methods to assist people on their journey of recovery. Email: justin@oceansthailand.com
Frank Smith Dip, Cert Therapist/Counselling/Assessments
Frank Smith Dip, Cert Therapist/Counselling/AssessmentsPrimary Therapist
Frank is a driven and compassionate professional with many years of hands-on experience in the addictions field in some of the leading addiction treatment rehabs in Australia. Frank understands the importance of treating residents with the dignity and respect they deserve in order to meet their full potential. His therapeutic approach is all about providing hope and calmness when assisting people on their journey to recovery. Frank is an expert in CBT and Motivational Interviewing for addiction treatment and believes only a patient authentic approach can truly help someone suffering from addiction. He has a Diploma in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs and has been clean and sober in recovery for over six years.
Dr. Veera Jumroenratana PHD, Health Checks - Assessments/Counselling/Referrals
Dr. Veera Jumroenratana PHD, Health Checks - Assessments/Counselling/ReferralsMedical Treatment Physician
Oceans is privileged to have this highly regarded physician as a key member of our therapeutic team. Though an Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist, he has been treating women and men in numerous departments at many hospitals throughout his 45-year career. Among his many appointments, Dr. Veera was recently medical superintendent of the Fort Thanarat Army Hospital in Pranburi. He was also a Major General in the Thai Military. His five decades of practice have included many years of experience treating patients with addiction and mental health issues, which has given him comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of treating addiction and its multi-system issues. Fortunately for us, he now runs and manages a private clinic very close to Oceans’ facilities and will be the first port of call for residents in need of health checks or referrals. The esteemed professional will also visit the facilities when his schedule permits and he is a vital link for us to numerous local hospitals through his emphasis on our streamlined approach to treatment.
Di Kathao Dip, Cert Meditation Therapy/Mindfulness Therapist
Di Kathao Dip, Cert Meditation Therapy/Mindfulness TherapistTherapist
Di has been studying meditation and providing meditation workshops for over ten years. She is a meditation Master and believes the mind is muscle, which must be exercised and cared for on a regular basis to live a healthy, balanced and satisfying life. In Australia, she has worked for many years in the mental health and disabilities support sector. Di has a Diploma in Disabilities and Mental Health and has a passion for providing people with the tools necessary to become the best version of themselves by exercising the mind in a healthy way which then, in turn, assists the body paving the way for fulfilling sustainable recovery.
Garry Muschialli Dip, Cert Therapist/Assessments/Recreational Therapy
Garry Muschialli Dip, Cert Therapist/Assessments/Recreational TherapyTherapist
Garry has been working in drug and Alcohol treatment for over 14 years. In rehabs, detoxes, therapeutic communities in some of the best treatment organizations in Australia. Garry specializes in one to one counseling, and the multiple modalities approach incorporating numerous therapeutic recreational programs. He has developed and created countless therapeutic chemical dependence programs for Residential Rehab Programs. In this capacity, Garry has created educational and awareness programs focusing on genuine issues surrounding alcohol and drug use for Australian Rules Football teams. Garry has a Diploma Community Service Alcohol and Other Drugs, Certificate 4 in Mental Health, Disabilities and Youth Work and has been clean and sober in recovery for over 18 years in recovery.
Khru Nung, Yoga Teacher/Body Firm/Muay Thai Instructor
Khru Nung, Yoga Teacher/Body Firm/Muay Thai InstructorPhysical Therapist
Nung is a former Muay Thai champion of Thailand. Now retired he was been working a Yoga Teacher for over twelve years. Nung studied Yoga Teaching for four years and is without a doubt the foremost Yoga expert in the Southern parts of Thailand. Nung also teachers body firming and speialised Muay Thai training for suitable participants. He still takes time out to teach young children and also train up and coming kick boxing champions of Thailand. Oceans are privileged to have him as part of our treatment team.
Nung BA, Bachelor Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy) Master of Science in Pharmacy Program in Clinical Pharmacy
Nung BA, Bachelor Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy) Master of Science in Pharmacy Program in Clinical PharmacyScreenings/Assessments/Check-ups
Nung is a fully qualified pharmacist, addiction medicine specialist and an expert on the effects of the long-term use of over the counter and addictive prescription medicines. More importantly Nung understands fully the post acute withdrawal stage of detoxing from all substances. Nung has a very compassionate approach to her work and is a strong believer in natural remedies and vitamin supplements to assist the recovery process. Nung conducts regular health checks on residents and is responsible for conducting screenings for the presence of substances and alcohol for residents. Oceans is privileged to have such a highly qualified professional as part of it therapeutic team.
Lek BA, RN Assessments/Screenings/Check-ups
Lek BA, RN Assessments/Screenings/Check-upsSenior Nurse
Lek has over twenty years experience working as a Senior qualified Registered Nurse in Emergency Departments, Operating Theatres, Recovery Wards, Trauma Units, Psychiatric Wards and in palliative care. Lek currently Managers a Health Clinic very close to Oceans Facilities and is the onsite living nurse for all residents during their stay. Lek is a very compassionate and understanding health professional and believes very strongly evidence-based client-centered approach to treatment.
NongMaintenance Coordinator/OHS Manager
Nong is the fulltime Maintenance Coordinator and OHS Manager.
Nong is a qualified Electrician by trade and responsible for all ongoing repairs and maintenance throughout the facility. Nong has had many years experience working with large residential organisations and Oceans is privileged to have Nong as part of the team.
Di With Support Staff, Nim & Yay
Di With Support Staff, Nim & Yay
More Support Staff
More Support Staff
Dr. Greg Asher, Masters of Psychology, Assessments/Counselling/Referrals
Dr. Greg Asher, Masters of Psychology, Assessments/Counselling/ReferralsPsychologist
Greg is a Melbourne based Registered Clinical Psychologist who has been counselling clients for over fifteen years and is the founder of his custom-built practice rooms and workshop space for Accelerated Evolution Natural Therapy Centre in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. Greg is a firm believer in the multimodality approach for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence. Which is why his clinic has such a vast array of treatment options and specialists for drug and alcohol, Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health issues. After receiving a referral from your GP, East St Kilda psychology sessions are fully refundable under the Medicare rebate scheme. Greg can provide thorough, comprehensive assessments for residents wishing to enter the program but can also offer ongoing sessions post-treatment.
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About Us

In addition to our supervisors, we have a vast team of professionals from around the globe including specialists from Australia who are competent, experienced and efficient in providing the best rehab services to our residents. Collaboration, mutual cooperation, and a coordinated health plan is our definite pathway that ensures a flexible treatment program that suits the need of our residents.

Oceans Rehabilitation Center journey started with a group of like-minded health professionals, who envisioned a comprehensive treatment platform surrounded by the beautiful beachside villages, in a stunning environment of the south coast of Thailand. Traditional treatment programs lacking evidence-based recovery and poor prognosis lead these colleges to the vision of founding Oceans, a completely revamped treatment program involving a support network of health professionals in a breath-taking natural environment.

The modern era is changing at a rapid pace with advancements in the field of  addiction treatment leading to better and faster results. Oceans incorporates modern therapeutic practices from around the globe into the treatment program which are continuously evolving and improving.

To achieve this goal, Oceans have introduced a multi-level treatment program involving health professionals at all tiers to increase recovery of the residents. Oceans has various professionals from different backgrounds, continually refining the program making sure the setup is continuously evolving to meet the modern standards of treatment in order to ensure that the journey of recovery is made easy and efficient for the residents.

Our dedicated team and advanced treatment program make sure that people opting for our health services get well-organized and effective rehab facilities. At Oceans you can stay connected with the society including your loved ones and your work while you undergo the rehab process in a naturally beautiful environment all contributing towards a successful journey towards fast and efficient recovery.
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