Course Costs

Oceans Thailand is an elite program, designed and tailored to the individual specific needs of a client.

Costs for all the programs being delivered are fully inclusive.

Oceans Thailand is transparent in regards to all treatment program costs and additional treatments and services.

There are no hidden fees, extras charges, books to buy or extra courses to attend. Oceans facilities are state-of-the-art where nothing has been left to chance. Our peaceful lakeside manor is beautiful, private and modern.

No Shared Rooms

We fully understand that this more than just an investment in your future. Our costs are reflected and clearly visible in every aspect of The Oceans Treatment Program.

Our main priority is to provide successful and sustainable recoveries for all of our residents.

Oceans Thailand treatment program is unlike any other treatment programme available.

Secure your Place Today

Payment can be transferred to a local bank account or using PayPal service provided

A small non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve a place on the waiting list prior to entering the program. All accounts have to be finalised by the first day of program commencement. If residents decide after the first two days they do not want to complete the program they will receive a full refund.

Breakdown of costs below:

  1. Free Assessment, Consultation, and referral if applicable
  2. Limousine transport to and from Airport
  3. Full health check including Chest X-ray, Blood/Urine tests, Lipid profile, Kidneys/Liver function (Gama), Lung function Cardiovascular risk. Full dental clean and assessment.
  4. All food and drink including multiple weekly visits to restaurants. Clients will choose from three nutritious meals from a menu designed by our gourmet chef along with daily snacks, shakes and fresh fruit. 
  5. Basic toiletries will be provided including, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair dryer, shower cap, cotton buds and soap
  6. Accommodation in a beautiful private room, air-con, TV, music player, bathroom, kitchenette, and balcony.
  7. Sporting activities, a visit to the water park, excursions to landmarks, National Parks, Temples, Snorkeling & Elephant Safari, Markets, Motor Scooter Tour, bike rides, fishing by the sea with Jet Ski experience and more
  8. Mindfulness sessions, Lectures, Group Therapy, One to One Counselling, Post Treatment Plans
  9. Massage twice a week, Meditation, Body firm, fitness classes
  10. Daily Trips to the beach, gym workout, meditation by the private lake
  11. Use of Oceans supplied phones, computers, and tablets during designated times
  12. Quality Free time
Not Included In Fees

Significant unexpected medical needs or medical evacuation expenses. Any prescription medicines. Any malicious or recklessly negligent damage to our facilities. Any cost of removal from the facility if you are excluded for misbehaviour/breach but refuse to leave

Money Back Guarantee

If a resident leaves the program early we will refund the unused portion of the upfront fees minus the deposit. If a resident then wishes to return to the program, he or she will have to wait until the residents they were residing with, have exited the program and then the resident will be welcomed back to the program when he or she is ready. However there will be no refund for breach of the rules.

Important Information:

Oceans is the only treatment facility in Thailand where all our staff have “National Police Checks” from Thailand and most importantly, from their country of origin. Along with current “Working with Children Checks”. We place a strong emphasis on highly qualified and fully trained staff members whose qualifications can easily be independently verified.

While we may not be the most affordable programs available our costs reflect the quality of the services we are providing:

  • Professional, qualified staff

  • Beautiful location

  • Excellent accommodation

  • Multiple modalities

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Duty of care

For more information regarding detoxes, flights to Thailand, assistance with fees can be discussed during your intake assessment process. Oceans is currently including all return flights in package deals.

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