In Australia, gambling addiction and losses have actually hit an all-time high. The Queensland state government has submitted a new proposal showing that $24 billion in losses took place across the country in pubs, clubs, a lottery tickets and on slot machines within the past year.

This is not an isolated issue within just one part of Australia either. The country is actually home to 20% of the world supply of the world’s video poker machines or pokies. With over 200,000 slot machines across the country Australians have got access to gambling devices almost everywhere.

As an additional bonus, many Australians are also turning to the idea of online gambling. A new initiative in online gambling for Australians however are introducing a brand-new operation where those who are struggling with gambling addiction can effectively ban themselves from the gambling websites. Betfair, bet 365 and

Gambling addiction playing cards at casino

Ladbrooks are offering new safeguards to protect members of the community who may be vulnerable to gambling addiction. Setting a safeguard for the total amount of time that they can spend on their account each week or even blocking some members out of their accounts at their own request can help those that are struggling in Australia.

Per capita Australians are currently spending around $1300 a year on gambling and this is staggeringly high when we consider that the next closest country in the running for average spent on gambling each year is Singapore at $600 per capita.

With little to no regulation on where pokies can be placed, a gambling fix is generally always close in Australia. Easy access to pokes and the option to bet on local sports shows a society where finding access to gambling devices is always simple.

It seems as though the rise of gambling addiction is only going to continue until some kind of regulation comes into place for these machines.