Our Philosophy

Genuinely client-centered means treatment approaches that are driven and supported by the resident at all stages.

The false and unrealistic view that everyone should be experiencing the same Recovery, using one treatment modality and somehow fit into a preconceived therapeutic approach is lazy and limited.

The official client-centered treatment plan has to be their ideas and adequately suit the specific needs of each resident at that particular point in time. Self-empowerment and self-efficacy development helps residents achieve these goals and get on with their recovery.

Oceans Thailand philosophy in tackling addiction issues is based on the principles of innovation, integrated treatment models and above all else, evidence-based practice.
Using empathy and compassion, we create an environment based on the principles of mutual honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness where our approaches and outcomes are measured, accountable and transparent.

No one addiction is the same, and so no one treatment can be the same.

Our individualized addiction treatment programs support clients to develop self-efficacy in their journey of reaching and sustaining substance abuse recovery.

Our experience has taught us that effective addiction treatment is gradual, organic and client-centered.

Oceans Thailand recognizes that no one single modality of treatment model is suitable for every individual seeking recovery.

Which is why we offer multiple pathways to recovery to meet the individual needs of clients entering our service.

For more information about our private addiction treatment in Thailand, which treats no more than ten clients at one time, please, contact our admissions department.

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