Recovery Podcast

Podcasts are a medium that has slowly developed into a massive rise in popularity in the past ten years. Podcasts have the opportunity to reach a wider audience while they are anywhere or doing anything.

The long-form format allows listeners to cultivate a deeper more intimate relationship with the hosts and get the opportunity to listen to issues raised in a much broader context.

Listen to Oceans Thailands Clinical Director, Primary Therapist, other Counsellors and special guests disscuss all issues related to addiction, addiction treatment and recovery. The podcast gives some of the team members an extended period of time to delve deep into essential topics and research related to the field of addiction treatment, their own personal journeys of recovery and how they have come to develop the program at Oceans Thailand.

Although each podcast has a specific theme, the hosts attempt to explore all other issues surrounding the central theme to a give a much broader perspective on some of the more relevant underlying issues not readily discussed.

Each team member has a unique view and understanding of the addiction treatment process, and the many challenges it faces.

This is an intimate insight into a specialist clinical team.


Spirituality in recovery