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What makes Thailand such an interesting and unique place

Thailand was originally known as Siam is a Southeast Asian country bordering on Malaysia to the South, Myanmar to the West Laos to the North and Cambodia to the West.

It has a growing population of around seventy million people. Although it is well known for its tropical beaches easy going way of life, Thailand has around 35000 Buddhist temples.

The majority of Thai people are practicing Buddhist.

All male Thai men have to become monks for a short time before they turn twenty years of age. In the Northwest parts of the country the climate can be cool and actually get very cold during winter season.

In the south of the country it is very tropical and mostly hot. To the central and eastern regions it is more dry and hot. According to many people that live in Thailand there is really only two climates. Hot and hot and wet.

The monsoon last for most of the year and then there is no rain for three to four months. Thailand was recently named once again the least most miserable country on the planet.

The national animal is the elephant and Thailand has many elephants still wandering freely in national parks. Some of these magnificent elephants can been observed in their natural habitat a short drive from Oceans facilities. The Thai national sport is kickboxing.

Gambling is illegal in Thailand and the Thai criminal justice system has a zero tolerance approach towards drug use although alcohol is widely used but can only be purchased at certain times during the day.


When visiting a temple both men and women are expected to dress properly with shoulders and knees covered, no shoes or any revealing outfits. Most Thai households and many businesses, particularly in regional areas also expect that everybody should remove their shoes before they enter the premises. It is strictly against the law to disrespect the Monarchy in anyway and you should never point your finger at anyone or point your feet towards another person because it is also considered very disrespectful. Also patting someone on the head even including children is also considered disrespectful.

Most importantly for a foreigners coming to Thailand, you should always try to remain clam and be patient and to remember that Thailand is still very much a developing country and not a western country despite the very fast paced and modern looking capital cities.


The most commonly eaten food by Thai people is spicy. Thai people eat lots of chilli with almost every dish. The most common dish is called ‘Somtum’. Which is Papaya Salad. Pork, noodles and chicken closely follow this also.

Thai food is very different from region to region and the type of food which people eat genuinely defines the many parts of Thailand. Although many western dishes have steadily began appearing in numerous Thai eateries.

The traditional Thai greeting, is called the ‘wai’, is generally offered first by the younger of the two people meeting, with their hands pressed together and fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed to touch face to fingertips (not dissimilar to that of the posture taken by Christian during prayer).

This is almost always accompanied by the spoken words “sawatdi khrap” for male speakers, and “sawatdi kha” for females.

The only other words to remember are “kob khun krup”, which is thank-you for men (pronounced more like “kup;” the “r” tends to get dropped), and “kob khun kha” for women. (The h is silent in pronunciation)

So it sounds like Ku.

The only other word to remember is “Mai”, which means no.

But it is always said “Mai Krup” for men and “Mai khu” for women, which is no thank-you.

Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that was never colonized by a European country. In fact, in the Thai language, the name of the country is Prathet Thai, which means “land of the free.”

Making it a uniquely ideal setting for recovery and anyone embarking on the journey to freedom from addict addiction.

Thailand is one of the most naturally therapeutic places to visit in the world. It is also very easy to travel to from all parts of the world with most major airlines offering direct flights daily.

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