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Australia, the sixth largest country in the world, known for its remarkable landscapes and low population density (three people per square kilometre), is actually striving to save its citizens from alcohol and illicit drugs. Recent analysis from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the national agency for information and statistics on the country’s wellbeing, reveals that one out of every 20 deaths is directly attributable to [...]

Heavy smart phone use could be an addiction that changes brain chemistry:

There are many people today that feel absolutely lost without having their smart phone close at hand. Having access to this type of technology close can be a massive convenience but there are a number of people that are starting to recognize the signs of addiction in themselves with their smart phone devices too. With the average child picking up their first smart phone at 10 to 12 [...]

Addiction rates for meth are highest in Australia:

The addiction rate for methamphetamines in Australia are amongst the world's highest and by a substantial margin. Recent studies have suggested that the prevalence of those affected by methamphetamine use disorders in Australia sits at around 1% of citizens between 15 to 49 years old. The next closest country in this study put on by the Institute for health metrics and evaluation is New Zealand at .6% of [...]

Gambling addiction is on the rise:

In Australia, gambling addiction and losses have actually hit an all-time high. The Queensland state government has submitted a new proposal showing that $24 billion in losses took place across the country in pubs, clubs, a lottery tickets and on slot machines within the past year. This is not an isolated issue within just one part of Australia either. The country is actually home to 20% of [...]

The top reasons to avoid alcohol and enjoy better health:

In Australia alone alcohol is attributed to roughly 6000 deaths annually. Roughly 400 people across Australia are also put in the hospital as a result of alcohol-related illnesses and accidents. Many people across Australia are starting to cut back on alcohol consumption especially binge drinking. Ultimately, alcohol sits as one of the largest risk factors for a number of different conditions. Here are some of the top [...]

Benzodiazepine could be the next major addiction in older adults:

Legal prescriptions are now some of the most widely abused addictive drugs in Australia. With so many medical officials and individuals focused on opioids prescription Benzodiazepines and their addiction rates are also starting to rise. The number of adults that have been prescribed benzodiazepine worldwide has increased in 67% as a result of many physicians avoiding the use of opioid prescriptions. Alongside the increase in prescriptions has [...]