In Australia alone alcohol is attributed to roughly 6000 deaths annually. Roughly 400 people across Australia are also put in the hospital as a result of alcohol-related illnesses and accidents.

Many people across Australia are starting to cut back on alcohol consumption especially binge drinking. Ultimately, alcohol sits as one of the largest risk factors for a number of different conditions. Here are some of the top reasons that you should be avoiding alcohol for better health:

Reducing your risk of heart disease: fairly low doses of alcohol can actually be minimally beneficial to heart health. Regularly consuming alcohol or heavy drinking has been associated with stroke and heart disease however.

a glass of beer

Reducing the chance of injury: any time that you drink alcohol, you become inhibited. Your reaction time as well as your proclivity to engage in risk taking behavior all goes up. A fairly high rate of hospitalization in Australia comes as a result of vehicle accidents, violence, and alcohol-related injuries.

Reduction in the risk for alcohol dependence: alcohol abuse and dependence can often lead to hospitalizations, ongoing problems with health and an intense psychological toll on a person. Many people that struggle with alcohol addiction also have trouble with conditions like severe depression. Reducing the risk that you could become dependent on alcohol can help to make sure that you do not risk your psychological and physical health.

Reducing your risk of cancer: alcohol is considered to be one of the leading causes of cancer worldwide. There’s a direct link between certain types of cancer like bowel cancer and regular drinking. The risk factor for bowel cancer goes up for anyone that has two standard drinks every day and daily consumption of just one drink can lead to a greater risk of cancers of the lyrics. Breast cancer for women goes up 12% every drink they have in a day.

These are just a few of the top reasons why you need to consider the idea of abstaining from drinking or at least cutting back for better health.